Why Should You Choose Murlene J. Randle?

I am a fearless trial attorney, who has successfully proven hundreds of cases to juries of 12 men and women, where the burden of proof was “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”, a burden of proof which is much higher than the burden of proof in civil cases. However, if you have a criminal matter, choosing me as your attorney provides you with an attorney who is already familiar with defenses available to you in your matter. To be successful as a prosecutor I had to anticipate and prepare for all possible defenses. Further when you choose me as your attorney, you are choosing an attorney who is already familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the criminal justice system. This can only prove to be an advantage to you. Those who are not familiar with the judicial system often make costly and time consuming mistakes.

Many long time civil litigators, including partners in large law firms never actually go to trial. Consequently, they have little or no trial experience. In complex litigation, you want someone, like me, who knows how to build a case from the ground up, and who has faced hundred of juries and judges. This is the skill and ability that results in successful settlements and verdicts. There is no substitution for this experience.


1. Former District Attorney Terrence Hallinan, under whom Randle served for two-terms, calls Randle "a gold star." "She is a terrific lawyer and a very warm person. She has a lot of compassion for the victims she has worked with."

2. Randle’s success lies not only in her homicide conviction rate (22 of 23 cases one year) but in the effect she has had on others’ lives. A sexual assault victim whose offender Randle prosecuted, says, "She is an amazing human being who has a lot of empathy. Now, I work with victims of crime because of her. I will never forget what she has done for me."

3. Here is a Yelp Review from a client. I represented him in an employment discrimination case involving disability discrimination against the University of California:

Murlene represented me in an employment discrimination case. Although a severe injustice occurred, I struggled to find a lawyer to take my case given the ruthless reputation of the defendant. Then I met Murlene. At a time when no one believed in me, she taught me how to fight with dignity. Murlene (and her dedicated, friendly staff) restored my faith in the judicial system.

Murlene taught me that the truth will always prevail. If you have been wrongfully terminated and are shopping for attorneys, be sure to give Murlene Randle a call. She will get to the bottom of your case, so long as you are honest and upfront with her. She has the biggest heart, yet makes the toughest T.V. lawyer look like a marsh-mellow. She is fierce when defending her clients, and will flawlessly demand the truth out of the defendant, opposing counsel, and witnesses. They won't even know what hit them! The comfort and mutual honesty between lawyer and client, that Murlene so effortlessly creates, is something that most lawyers cannot achieve. Bottom line: Murlene Randle is, in my opinion, the reigning Queen of Justice in all of San Francisco. Her tenacity, spirit, and wit help the little guys overcome the largest of feats, with uncanny calm assurance.